In a personal yoga session, the most original form of yoga instruction, the focus is on your wishes and personal needs. The practice is individually tailored and is therefore ideal for people who are very busy or would rather not like to attend group courses.


During the consultation we will clarify goals, current state of health and available times for a Yoga practice. On this basis I create the first series of exercises, which will be carried out in the first yoga lessons under my guidance. This is a wonderful way to get a first feel for the exercises and their correct execution.


In order to learn a "Yoga-Base-Practice" and to experience a noticeable success of the yoga practice, one can assume at least 5 yoga lessons within 2-5 weeks. What you have learned can be checked and, if necessary, corrected. Adaptation, addition or extensions are possible at any time.


The one-to-one course can also be taken in addition to a group course in order to deepen the understanding of the exercises or to facilitate the introduction to a group course.

A healthy anatomical orientation in the respective movement sequences and the support of good breathing form the basis of the individual lessons. You will be promoted in your agility and strength as well as mental concentration, mental strength and calmness.


An initial relaxation is followed by breathing exercises (pranayama), yoga postures (asanas), a short meditation and a deep relaxation at the end.


The individual lessons are independent in terms of time and are tailored to your personal needs and possibilities.


The coaching can take place in a yoga studio or at your place. I will be happy to bring the necessary equipment.


Asanas and their sequence are compiled individually for you. Your personal wishes, goals and your life situation are taken into account.




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